Justin L. C. Neven du Mont
Фотограф Мадрид

"Phantoms of Emotion" Nude Art Exhibit and Book Project in Madrid, Spain! (10 days, All Expenses Paid)

Hello and thank you for looking at this job offer!

My name is Justin and I'm a young photographer based in Madrid, Spain. For my first ever book/art project, "Phantoms of Emotion" I am looking for a talented model who would be comfortable with posing nude and the works being published in a book that I am making. Since I am just starting my career my budget is limited but I can offer you 500 Euros for the whole project (14600 UAH / 31500 Roubles) which will last 10 days plus I will be paying your plane tickets to Spain and provide accommodation and food at my studio. Accommodation will be very basic but the apartment itself is very comfortable. You will have to make your own arrangements for the visa though but everything else will be taken care of for you. You will be required to sign a usage rights contract for the images.

It is best if you speak English but I also speak French and German. Unfortunately I do not speak Russian nor Ukrainian.

This will be my first art exhibit and book ever. As the prints themselves will only be produced in very small numbers (And I'm not yet certain wether they'll be produced at all due to the extremely high cost and difficulty in producing Palladium Prints) I thought making a book to make it available to a bigger audience, plus I've always wanted to publish a book!

My vision for "Phantoms of Emotion" is all about my love of ethereal and timeless beauty. A game of textures, the natural grace of the female form, a sense of mystery and emotion are meant to help me produce ageless art which I hope will endure the test of time. It's a project about the inner workings of the mind, exploring both the conscious and unconscious nature of emotions and desire. If I had to sum up the project in three words I'd pick ethereal, emotional and timeless. All images will be in black and white and aim to have a timeless feel to them. Models will be posing entirely nude, although in some case the nudity may be implied and not completely visible. Through compositing models will appear twice in the same frame, once clearly and once as a ghostly phantom of their inner self. They will sometimes appear to be interacting with this phantom. Posing will be the most important element of these images and the process of taking these will be threefold; first the model poses as her normal self on a simple background, then a smoke machine is switched on and the model positions herself in a position to interact with her normal self from the first image (For instance if the ghostly model is touching the normal model's hand...), then both images are retouched and finally merged into a single image and adjusted until the positioning is perfect. It's simple but requires a lot of work and attention.

To see some examples and a moodboard please send me a message.

If you are interested or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me!



Оплата 500 EUR
Требуется Модель
Тип работы Модель для ню-съемки
Где Мадрид, Испания
Черновик 20.10.21


Пол Женский
Возраст от 18 до 28 лет

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