Contract for hostess to Poland

Casting for contract for girls-hostess for work in castles in Poland at high-level events, super opportunity to earn good money and widen your network.

Salary - 2000-4000$ per month(exact sum is determined after the interview). Tickets, accomodation, food are provided.

Clients are ready to pay for language courses for girls as well.

Duties: help the guests, the job is strictly without intimate!

The job is official, the contract is signed, work visa is made.

We have worked already with this client, security is guaranteed.

The contract is for one year: 2 weeks vacation after every 2 months of work. The shorter contract term is discussed, but the preferences will be given to the girls, who are ready to sign contract for longer term.

15 girls are needed. Girls live in separate house, each has her separate room. There is a gym.

Start of the project from January-March 2018.

To apply send your info to e-mail or Vk. Please, don't send empty applications without this data.

- name

- phone number(WhatsApp, Viber)

- Vk, Fb

- City

- Date of birth

- Height

- Measurements

- Level of knowledge of foreign languages



Оплата 3000 USD / месяц
Требуется Модель
Тип работы Модель-хостес
Где Россия
Черновик 20.10.21


Пол Женский
Возраст от 18 до 35 лет

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