Pit Buehler
Фотограф Цюрих

Classic Portraits Shooting / Privat Dancer

Swiss Portrait Photographer looking for unique, striking or natural looking women for a portraits shooting for a portrait series "Private Dancer"

- Classic /Sensual Portraits / Half Body / Black and White

- Semi-nudity may preferred but not required

- Shooting time approx. 45 minutes per Model

Kiev; May 5th to May 9th, 2018 / Odessa; May 10th to may 12th, 2018

Please send possible dates and times via PM. Final Schedule / location will be confirmed Mid April.

Photographs will be used as Limited Editions for Exhibitions / Art Display. Models get a digital copy of the selected image for their own purpose.

For further references, please check instagram @pitbuehler or webpage www.blackocean.ch

Оплата 25 USD
Требуется Модель
Тип работы Модель для фотосъемки
Где , Украина
Когда 14.03.18 15:03:18
Черновик 20.10.21


Пол Женский

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