High Performance Sportswear

A new collection of high performance sportswear. For campaign, studio work/gym in London, Dusseldorf and Stockholm. Photosessions at event like King of the Ring, Borås 3-7 Nov to Diamond League 2023. We need 6-8 female models. You need to be in shape photosessions will be with and without athlete. Not all models will do all work and not all models will be asked to join the events. Please, no black and white photos, avoid black cloths, post-produced pictures etc. Payment according to US Model Union and Royalty according to EU law. Currency: Euro. Payment only to bankaccount. We will cover all costs. The model need to travell, stay and follow the production team at all time. All information you provide will be handled according to GDPR / EU law. All pictures can only be viewed by involved personal. Digital 3D models will be made for matching purpose. Hair by Kerastase, Makeup by Dior and Nails by IPO according to contract. Cloths, prints etc will be adjusted to fit. All models needs to pass drugtest before each event. Models that are between 14-18 need to have personal representative, 18-21 need to share room and be in pair with other model. All models will have to accept insurance policy 400 by Prudential Ltd. All payments are taxed and paid 25th every month. We accept models from any country.

Оплата 960 EUR / месяц
Требуется Модель
Тип работы Промо-модель
Опубликовано 1 мес назад


Возраст от 14 до 35 лет

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