Masha Mamontova

Россия | Тамбов
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    170 см
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    44 кг
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    60 см
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    89 см
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    US women 0 [EUR 12]
  • Волосы
    Средняя длина, Светло-русый
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I want to share kilogram barbarisok for two. Piece. I want to get lost in the woods, not at all scared, and then find back. I'd like to see me home and deposited on the hands of parents. I want a hen party with an overnight stay in the best traditions. I want to fight pillows, dancing to the Backstreet Boys and fall asleep in the arms. I want to pass all examinations at 5 and buy a bright shirt. I want tea "almond lollipop, pizza delivery at home and samopipuschiesya seminars. I wish for happiness with a run to hug people and say how much I missed. I want a bouquet of 17 pale pink lilies. I want to throw popcorn and laugh for hours and say nothing, knowing everything without words. I wish that I spoke the truth. I want lots of friends and a soft blanket on the window sill. I also want bubbles, pleasant weariness, a lot of free time and sincere communication with parents. I want to do something megapriyatnoe anyone. I want 50 kisses on the cheek, silent tears and favorite shoulder ...
Смысл и цель моей жизни - быть счастливой! И я стремлюсь к этому каждую минуту своей жизни, сколько бы счастья в данный момент у меня не было ) ) )
психология, музыка, покупки, интернет, кино, фотография, загар, мода, флирт, сладости .